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Thai Herbal Scrub

Specifically designed to deeply cleanse and purify your skin with an exfoliation scrub using natural fruit extracts, which removes dead skin cells and whitens your complexion.

60 Minutes 1,000THB
Brown Sugar Cinnamon Scrub

The sweet, healthy blend of refined salt and brown sugar creates silky skin and a smooth touch. Brown sugar will gradually melt, penetrate into the skin and become a natural moisturizer to rejuvenate and give a healthier complexion.

60 Minutes 1,000THB
Coffee Scrub

A treatment that helps to tone and tan your skin colour and detoxify at the same time. Exfoliate the top layer of dead skin from the whole body. Rich in vitamins with a mixture of fresh milk, the coffee aroma will help you to relax and freshen up your skin.

60 Minutes 1,000THB

All prices are subject to 7% VAT

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