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Authentic Thai Clay Mask

The Thai White Clay, which we call “Din Sor Pong”, is one of our Thai herbal mixes that has many beneficial qualities for the skin. It helps to brighten the skin, reduce irritation and moisturise. It is a great treatment to have after a body scrub.

60 Minutes 1,000THB
After-Sun Soother Wrap

An excellent healing skin treatment using Aloe Vera Gel and cucumber applied on your body and then wrapped to help soothe your skin. It is especially designed for skin burn, irritation and allergic reactions. It also calms the skin, making it smooth and glowing.  

60 Minutes 1,000THB
Dead Sea Mud Wrap

A special formulation with Vitamin E has outstanding detoxifying properties. Leave skin soft and supple without a greasy feeling. Caramel is added to make this product rich in moisturising. Perfect for dry skin.

60 Minutes 1,200THB

All prices are subject to 7% VAT

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