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Royal Thai Massage (Without Oil) 

Renew yourself with an ancient healing tradition practiced and revered throughout Thailand for 2,500 years. This timeless massage technique encourages the body's internal energy to flow more freely, improving overall health, wellbeing and vitality. Our therapist uses fingers, thumbs, elbows and arms in a combination of acupressure and stretching movements of the body, resulting in increased flexibility, mobility and clarity for the mind.

60 Minutes 800THB l 90 Minutes 1,000THB
Aromatherapy Massage

Stimulate your senses and let your stress fall away with our aromatherapy massage oil. This massage is wonderful to help to rebalance your energy, mind and soul. A gentle and relaxing massage for the full body using the thumbs, knuckles, palms and hand heels to relieve sore muscles.

60 Minutes 1,000THB l 90 Minutes 1,200THB
Swedish Massage

This invigorating massage with classic style massage and technique focuses on relaxing aching muscles using a variety of movements and touch. This is a gentle, firming massage to stimulate the circulation and relieve muscle tension.

60 Minutes 1,000THB l 90 Minutes 1,200THB
Jetlag Revival

Getting here is easy, but recovery is a little more difficult! Let us assist and guide you to fully recuperate quickly. A 45 minute legs massage will help improve blood circulation, remove toxins, alleviate sore muscles and reduce swelling, followed by a calming 45 minute facial treatment.

90 Minutes 1,300THB
Deep Tissue Massage

A deep full body massage helps to promote the recovery of strained muscles, alleviate stress, improve flexibility and increase blood flow. Perfect for sports enthusiasts and people who suffer from tension.

60 Minutes 1,000THB / 90 Minutes 1,200THB
Aromatherapy with Herbal Compress
(Signature Treatment)

This massage, with full techniques of aromatherapy massage, is combined with acupressure point stimulation to reduce stress and relieve aching muscles. The treatment is completed with Thai Herbal Poultice used to alleviate inflammation, soothe soreness and reduce tension by heat.

90 Minutes 1,300THB

Exfoliate the back and combine with a massage focusing on the stress of Back, Neck and Shoulders. It helps to release and relax tight muscles, relieve stress and tension. Perfect for upper body wellbeing.

Back, Neck, and Shoulder Massage
Relaxing Foot Massage

Soothe your soul with acupressure applied to zones on your feet that correspond to all parts of your body and organs. This massage assists in the relief of stress and tension, and revives tired feet.

60 Minutes 900THB
60 Minutes 900THB

All prices are subject to 7% VAT

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